Cape Tribulation

The plans for a house located in Cape Tribulation were given as part of a brief – design a home for a professional couple with no children. The couple are both archeologists, and spend their time in Sydney and abroad. They want no reference to their work within their holiday home.

The concept I chose was a study in natural light, which was born from the way light shines through a forest canopy.

The main feature downstairs is a conceptual design in the form of a large tree intergrating technology and the natural world – the tree can be used to leave messages written in the ‘bark’, and also as a theatre system for the house by plugging in to a laptop or mp3 player.

I designed the house with a mind towards entertaining – the couple were said to allow friends to use the house when they were not in residence, and so I maintained the upper floor as a master bedroom used only by the couple, and downstairs for any visitors.

The design was well received by my teachers and peers, and I feel is very successful in showcasing my skills as a manual drafter, as well as my design and concept development skills.


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