Laundry Refit


The brief for this laundry refit was to create a space that was light, with plenty of storage and bench space. The room is located at the rear of the house, with entry off the back porch. It shares an internal wall with the rear bedroom.

The budget was quite small, at less than $2000AUD. Rot present in the door frame required complete replacement, including the surrounds. The cabinetry and benchtop were purchased from Ikea in a high gloss white to bounce the natural light around the room. The walls were painted in Taubmans Endure Cotton Touch, with a standard ceiling white used on the ceiling.

As the budget was tight, it was not possible to replace the tiles. We decided to turn them into a feature, and keep the cabinetry and walls neutral to allow the soft pink and grey tiles to create a grounding effect on the room.

The photos before show the room after the old cabinets had been removed.

Still to be completed in the room is a large antique mirror that is being refinished to go on the back wall, and the dryer is still to be mounted above the freezer. Taps are still to be replaced.

The client is very happy with the room, and has already spent a lot more time out there than they would usually.


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